Engine Transplants


We mainly carry out Engine Transplants on the V.A.G range, but we welcome any other engine conversion.

We have carried out many of these popular engine conversions over the past years,  
starting out using the original engine management then progressing to aftermarket ECU systems which, when combined with larger turbos, can take some engines to an excess of 350bhp!
The Prices found are just the fitting and labour costs, to install the engines in which the customer must supply.
We will require the customer to sign an agreement before any engine transplant that will take place.
Which states, that will take no responsibility for the engine or parts supplied.
We are only installing the engine for the customer.
We can do customised engine transplant but the customer must contact us before going ahead as the costs may not be the same.   
Please contact us first using the contact form or by email, All engine conversions require different parts/procedures to be completed so the prices shown are just examples and not the correct amounts.